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The ultimate ALL ACCESS pass to The Feel-Good Parenthood Courses!

Raising kids is tough, we get it and we're here to help 🤩

We're bringing you SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and EVIDENCE-BASED parenting goodness so you can step into your parenting power and raise feel-good kids! 

Get access to both The Feel-Good Sleep Course for Babies and Toddlers and The Feel-Good Toddlerhood Parenting Course for $107.00

And we've made this even MORE accessible! Pay in 3 payments at $36! 

What's inside Feel-Good Sleep?

  • The Sleep-Soundly Module covers:
    • The fourth trimester
    • All the sleep basics
    • Environment supports
    • Naps galore
    • Transitions/disruptions
    • Overnight sleep
    • Settling and re-settling
    • Food & Sleep
    • Regressions
    • Red Flags


  • The Sleep Directory Module
    • Select the suitable age group and get specific guidance to support sleep for your little one


  • The Temperament Module
    • Learn all about temperament and how to select strategies that support your little ones personality


  • The Feeding to Weaning Module
    • Breastfeeding
    • Bottle feeding
    • Trouble shooting
    • Weaning from breastfeeding
    • Red Flags


What's inside Feel-Good Toddlerhood?

  • The Feel-Good Parenthood Approach, let's get your bases covered
  • Connection first - learn about attachment and how to ensure a secure one
  • Behaviour basics - what's the deal with this stuff? Let's find out!
  • The Behaviour Directory - got some shit going down? Head straight to the lesson to learn what the heck is going on and what you can do to stop it
  • The Toddler Toolkit - our go-to tools for supporting toddlers e.g. reducing those meltdowns, tantrums and power struggles! 


We have left NOTHING off the table with this Sleep Course, this will support you through every sleepy twist and turn as your little one heads towards school!


Get access today and let the A-HA moments begin!